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Every Monday
Family reunion!
Panel One: The Lady of Light is a being who appeared in Larry Johnson's TALES OF FANTASY, she's the opposite number of demons like Melado and Poreskoro. Each character here views the Lady through the lens of their own beliefs; Cassiopeia associates her with the pagan Mother Goddess, while good Catholic Lady Spectra thinks of her as the Virgin Mary. (Larry pointed out that the perspective shot here doesn't accurately depict the Lady of Light's scale...she should be as tall as Melado.)

Panel Three: Speaking of goddesses, you'll remember Madame Jade, the death deity who rules Rha-Sha-Shama, and her sister Night, patron of Mister Mid-Nite.

Panel Four: The big reunion! J. Kevin Carrier's Lady Spectra & Sparky, Paul Quinn's Doc Saphire, Queen Azule, and Samantha Saphire, and Bob Elinskas' Mister Mid-Nite and Robbie. It seems the kids don't remember much about what happened while they were under Boogala's trance, or Robbie might not be so cocky...

Panel Six: Madame Boogala: Too proud to ask for a lift, or just embarrassed about that whole "Almost shanked Robbie" thing...?

The day has been saved, but there are still some loose ends to tie up, so come back next week for the beginning of the epilogue!
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