Due to problems with the illlustrator, Eme, I'm having to halt production on Blue Magic for now.  I'm currently looking for someone to replace the former artist and will really accept any art as long as it can be done quick.  My personal E-Mail is below if anyone wishes to contact me.  I'm sorry and I hope to get back on track before the end of September.

Contact:  Foliatedchicken@gmail.com.

On temporary hiatus until the end of September, sorry!

Age: 16

Weight: 145 lbs.

Height: 5' 8"

Theme song: "Five Magics" by Megadeth

Ema is an amteur magician that performs like a pro. His view is that everyone like magic, so why not approach everyone and amaze them with his awesome magical card tricks? This leads him to be much more outgoing and talkative than Joe, but it doesn't always work in his favor. Ema is also "the guy who's parents are always out of town and have lots of money", which makes him the ideal guy to go to if you need cash or a place to stay. Again, this usually causes more problems than solutions. He met joe in 7th grade and they've been best friends since.

Ema likes to attempt to reel women in with his magic tricks and his privilages, but is still usually mistaken for a chick. He could just cut his hair, but then where would all those cards come from? Ema also has some sort of grudge against authority and popular figures. He wages a never ending war against goverment, lawyers, etc. He also wants to be adoctor. Go figure. As a consecuence of being Joe's friend he's been shot, moshed, rocked, kunged AND fued and sued in various occations not all of them Joe's fault. He also reads people like books, he knows how they'll act in certain situations by just spending some time with them. In Joe's case, Ema can manipulate him to take extreme decisions that put him in danger. Which, according to Ema, is hilarious. Back to the Cast Page
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