Due to problems with the illlustrator, Eme, I'm having to halt production on Blue Magic for now.  I'm currently looking for someone to replace the former artist and will really accept any art as long as it can be done quick.  My personal E-Mail is below if anyone wishes to contact me.  I'm sorry and I hope to get back on track before the end of September.

Contact:  Foliatedchicken@gmail.com.

On temporary hiatus until the end of September, sorry!
Sam The Singer

Age: 18 (Not anymore!)

Weight: He's dead!

Height: Who cares!

Theme song: "Inside Out" by Eve 6 (Not Anymore!...okay that's getting old)

Sam was the singer of Joe's band "Band For Hire". Out of all the original group, he was the worst. Joe hated his way of combining poetry and music, which leaves the accident with the Rockafabilitia suspicious at best. While playing a show in Washington D.C., the band performed at such a mediocre level, that it made joe look like a master guitarist, which he obviously isn't. He played so well in comparison, that he twisted reality in his immediate area. Somewhere in the black hole of awesomeness, Sam got lost and has been missing ever since. Back to the Cast Page
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