Due to problems with the illlustrator, Eme, I'm having to halt production on Blue Magic for now.  I'm currently looking for someone to replace the former artist and will really accept any art as long as it can be done quick.  My personal E-Mail is below if anyone wishes to contact me.  I'm sorry and I hope to get back on track before the end of September.

Contact:  Foliatedchicken@gmail.com.

On temporary hiatus until the end of September, sorry!
Dave The Drummer

Age: 17

Weight: 127 lbs.

Height: 6' 3" with hair

Theme: "American Idiot" by Green Day

Being a spiky haired, mohawk wearing, anarchistic punkcore lover, Dave hates all sorts of authority, which gives him common ground with Ema. After being thrown out of various other rock bands, Dave worked as a drumming machine for a few famous reggeaton singers for awhile. When he threatened to quit unless he got recognition, they just replaced him with a recording of himself. This recording went on to star in over 300,000 reggeaton songs, in the exact same way. One day while at a Mudvayne concert, Dave met Joe and after hearing his idea about a band joined him for a 25% cut. His cut was raised to 33% after Sam's "dissapearance". He still plays with Joe. Back to the Cast Page
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