Due to problems with the illlustrator, Eme, I'm having to halt production on Blue Magic for now.  I'm currently looking for someone to replace the former artist and will really accept any art as long as it can be done quick.  My personal E-Mail is below if anyone wishes to contact me.  I'm sorry and I hope to get back on track before the end of September.

Contact:  Foliatedchicken@gmail.com.

On temporary hiatus until the end of September, sorry!

Chris is a classmate of Joe and Ema in the Academy of Never-Ending Screams. Chris is known in the academy for being annoying and inconsistent. One day he'll pay your lunch, the next, he'll stab your grandmother. Joe and Ema still keep a relation with Chris because "at least he's not Krys". Chris has become quite famous for starting arguments and lectures about things people don't care about. Such as NASCAR, how printers work and how much information a bluray disc can hold. He has also developed a line of catchphrases, including (but not limited to) "are you retarded?". He also ignores and dismisses Joe's band mates because he believes Joe is not cool enough to have a band, so they must not exist, even if he just so happens to be talking with one of them. Joe and Ema are glad to have Chris on their side, though, if not they would have to hear stuff like that every time they saw him. Back to the Cast Page
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