Due to problems with the illlustrator, Eme, I'm having to halt production on Blue Magic for now.  I'm currently looking for someone to replace the former artist and will really accept any art as long as it can be done quick.  My personal E-Mail is below if anyone wishes to contact me.  I'm sorry and I hope to get back on track before the end of September.

Contact:  Foliatedchicken@gmail.com.

On temporary hiatus until the end of September, sorry!

Joe and Ema met Cesar recently during his senior year at the Academy of Never-Ending Screams. Cesar is known for being full of advice to the point that it comes out of his ears. Joe And Ema have decided the only way he could be THAT wise is if he was some sort of government experiment. So they constantly ask what it was like to be grown in a test tube. Cesar is wise to the point that he has apparently achieved Nirvana or some other form of grunge rock enlightenment. He meditates, he levitates and gives out advice like the U.S. gives out wars. With all his great intellect, it's strange he's so absent all the time... Back to the Cast Page
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