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A native San Franciscan, I drew at an early age, long before I could write or read. My first original comic strip was titled "Ant Wars" sometime around age 4.

I attended public school in San Francisco for all but two years, and let me tell you that is not for the squeemish. I became pretty introverted, and drew as an escape. I created elaborate fantasy worlds. Later with my brother and our best friend I played role-playing games (big surprise!) We even made our own Sci-Fi answer to Dungeons & Dragons. The world that we created for that game was to become the basis for the Webcomic Lester Severe more then 25 years later.
My college years were spent behind the "redwood curtain" in far Northern California studing art and protesting EVERYTHING along with my pinko, granola-eating buddies. I was often the odd man out, though, my hair was short and people would think I was a "nark" or a reporter at half the rallies I attended. 
Back in San Francisco, I eeked out a living at coffee-shops. one day, while visiting the San Francsico Comic Book Company (my local shop) I picked up a copy of the League of Extrodinary Gentleman by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill and thought, "Oh, yeah.... comics. I like those." So, I've been re-learning my craft since then. It has several different disciplines in one, so it's no wonder that a lot of the comic artists who I admire, like Carl Barks, didn't perfect their style 'til they were my age. It gives me hope that I'll be able to draw a halfway decent page before too long. 
I self-published the 6-part black and white Western Along the Canadian starting in 2003 with the help of the Xeric Foundaton. Once ATC wrapped I did the art for a 6-pager in the Horror anthology, Students of the Unusual, Extra-Credit Special #1 before starting Brokenhearted in Bakersfield & Lester Severe.
From 2009-to now I have been branching out. My new comic projects include the all-ages series Geeples based on some childhood characters. I am also working as an animator/storyboard artist.