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Wednesday and Sunday
Here we go, something that I've been going off and on for way too long. It's time to get things rolling. Back in the early nineties, some of this story was published in the early Aughties ('00) by a small publisher. The whole story wasn't told, and the artwork wasn't the greatest. So a couple of years ago, I wrote out the rest of the story arc. My then publisher, scanned all the original artwork (about 9x12), turned it into blue line drawings, and printed them on 11x17 paper. I started to ink those, and then I got burned out. Fast foward to 2007. I decided that enough is enough, to get this done, and go from there. Scanned the new artwork that was to be inserted/replaced pages from the original story, turned those into blue lined drawings and turned THOSE into 11x17 pages. WHEW! So I guess you can say that this is the Remastered Edition, with bonus footage. The Director's Cut if you will. So on with the director's commentary! (hurr hurr hurr!!!)
This is a 'new' page, kinda an establishing page. A mood setter. Toby, the head of security of Pins & Needles, checks your id, and you are let into the club. You might recognize a character from my OTHER comic, Destroying The Illusion. At the merch table, some astute anthropomorphic comic fans might notice some familiar faces. They've appeared in Sara Varon's comics. She's one of my current favorites and her comics are such a joy to read. In the foreground are likenesses of people I havent seen in years.
The title page with: more random panels, more likenesses, random employees sharing a moment, another crowd shot, and HEY, just who IS that guy, and did he just WINK at us??? Finally we get to see one of the major characters. Does he seem nervous? The next page will tell us why.
Looks like he IS nervous. Oh, one of his band mates! Think he'll put our hero Fuz at ease? Yeah, riiiiiight. Which of course puts the owner of Pins & Needles (porcupine, GET IT?) in a state already.

So, Fuz is REALLY nervous now. How to deal? Run from your problem! YAY!!

The last two pages are from the "remastered" batch. Pretty much just a re-inking of the panels (with a Pentel brush pen, rather than rapidiographs), and a slight tweak of the dialouge. In slim cases, as in this page, the last two panel were re-drawn. Tighter shots instead of long ones.

Wow, look at Fuz jump. Is that any surprise? Or am I being rascist because he's a rabbit. Seeing as though I am Fuz' Creator, I WOULD know (LOL). Actually, the fact of the matter is that Fuz used to run Track in high school. And he still goes for runs early in the morning. Helps him clear his head. Not to worry, tho'. He's not going too far.

This is a 'new' page. Oh brother, the original one was really bad. I tried to make it 'artistic' with skewed panels and bleeding artwork- bleh. This pages works MUCH nicer and I didn't have to get all fancy-schamcy.

Jay and Kris are based on my long time friend and his wife.
Yep, Fuz hasn't run too far, just across and down the street a bit. He needs advice, and the only person that he really trusts at this point, is his cousin/boss/roomate, Joe Fuzzywolf. Yes, he's based on me, but he's not me. Knowhutahmean?
The name of the record store, The Beat Pecuilar, was the title of my first graphic novel (which had the first version of this story), both of which was inspired by one of my favorite songs from the band Adam Again.
Some tense moments as Fuz waits for Joe to let him in.
Fuz has cold feet, obviously. He's not used to doing something like this. It's a very big step, and I think he just needs a little assurance from Joe.
From here, we go into a flashback to Fuz's audition.
Meeting up with Toby in a darkened room may be a little imtimadating, but Toby's a sweet guy. Hmmm, not a lot of people there for the audition. I wonder why that is?
Fuz meets Flopzee for the first time. Flopzee isn't a nice guy, and makes no bones about it.
Not even Flopzee's older brother escapes his wrath. I based the auditioner on stage on Jeep from Popeye, If he was tall and skinny.
More of Flopzee's wrath. Merv is listening to techno, Moby in particular. That was more evident on the original page.
Peter Gabriel is one of Fuz's influences. But I don't think Flopzee wants somebody who cites PG as an influence in the band. We'll see eventually what he wants, but not for a while.
...and...OW. That's GOTTA hurt.
Joe Fuzzywolf gives Fuz a little bit of perspective on the whole thing. And yes, they ARE related. Something like a third cousin. If this story winds up getting popular, and enough people buy the eventual graphic novel, the next story arc will tell how Joe and Fuz become good friends.
This page is one of the newer pages that have been inserted into the 'remastered' pages. It links up to the next page rather well. And there's that guy again. What's his name? How DO you pronounce it?

Minutes before they go on, the members of Slammin Bunneez get some drinks. Is that Flopz being a bit jealous of how Bernadette is being so nice with Fuz...?

So... Flopz tries to get on Bernadette's case, but like women tend to do, she turns the tables on him (oh, he deserves it) and takes him to task about Fuz's TRUE role in the band.

The truth comes out. Flopz is a real jerk.

As you can imagine, Bernadette does NOT take the news well. And the fact that the band is also behind Fuz being temporary (without him knowing), pisses her off as well. And Eddie knows EXACTLY what Flopz and Bernadette are talking about. Oh crap.

Before Joe leaves the stage, he wishes Fuz good luck, so does Eddie.

Kurmm is a frog of few words. Just how he is. The song featured is from Jeremy Enigk. He's been the lead singer of the great bands Sunny Day Real Estate and The Fire Theft. His solo stuff is also really nice. ^-^

Slammin Bunneez hit the stage.

So very hard to potray a band performing a song, but I gotta give it a shot.

During the guitar solo, Fuz experiences something I think every band must go through some time or another. AN over zealous fan. Oboy, thank goodness he LIKES them.

While the band plays on, Joe & Jay share some observations.

And thus ends Part One!

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