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Wednesday and Sunday

Annnnd we're back. Part Two starts off with a new day at The Beat Peculiar, and a new character, Terry. He's the new kid at the store. Since Fuz has been more busy with the band, Terry's there to help out. He's a smart kid, eager about his jog and has a passion for music that almost matches Joe & Fuz, but he has a lot to learn about life in general. He can be a bit naive.

Terry was a good customer before he started working at the store, and Joe recognized that. HMMM... interesting, a bunch of people walked in there. They dont seem like regular customers to me.

Fuz has seen these guys before. And he knows they're trouble. I think they figured that since Joe & Fuz weren't around that they would be able to get away with stealing stuff. But Joe doesnt mess around.

Whoops! forgot to put the detail in Terry's shirt!

In my mind, I based Terry's uncle on the fox from the Droopy cartoon, Out-Foxed. He was an actor that was very fond of Terry. When he died, Terry wore his uncle's gloves in tribute. So obviously, it's a sore subject for Terry. How do the rats know about that? Maybe one of the rats goes to high school with Terry, and heard it through the grapevine.

I don't know about you, but I've always fantasized about doing that to someone with a nose ring! Well, at least to somebody who deserved it! :P

Now THAT'S REALLLLLY got to hurt.

I decided to throw a small social comment in there, just in case you all thought I was rascist to rats... :P

Fuz also lives with Joe, which is why you see Fuz giving back some of his money to Joe. Fuz has been living with Joe for a number of years, and I think Fuz sees Joe as a surrogate older brother. Like I have said eariler, if I get a chance to do another story arc of Slammin Bunneez, I'll focus on how Joe and Fuz became friends. But they're also family too.

Ah, a secret gig. This sounds like the start of something good.

From here we switch to Bernadette's apartment. Bernadette is named for my favorite Four Tops song (I'm showing my age here), that my Mom had as a 7" single. I'm a BIG fan of Motown. Guess what's she's watching? hee hee hee!

Flopz arrives, and the drama starts.

Flopz REALLY is a jerk. But he DOES think fast on his feet, which will get the band out of potentially bad situations in the future. You'll get to see how Flopz is totally a jerk later on in the comic, though.

Heh, women are like that eh? An endless source of frustration and fascination. I also wanted to keep the comic PG-13, so as to not to limit my audience.

So, Flopz and Bernadette are going to the secret gig? That should be interesting. Always thought this would be a cool idea to execute, a show at a burger joint. Think of the possiblities! Hopefully, I've covered them in the next couple of pages. :)

In the first panel: the tiger character appears courtesy Paul Quinn, and the bear in the sunglasses appears courtesy Jay Marcy. Bueller is the bear's name. You'll see a LOT more of Bueller in the coming pages. If you happen to look on the back wall, there's some graffiti of some people that I know. :D

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