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Now officially on Monday and Friday
Chris Smith (click-trackheart) says:

Hey Joe:

Must say that I love what you've been doing here. The art and obscure story are wonderful. I was just wondering though if you had a blog or gallery or some such?

Thanks for the great work.


Alex Walker (hereiam) says:

Dear Joe,

 You are amazing. Can't wait for the rest.

 Maybe I should attempt my own comics at work. Good use of time, I think.


Joe Ward (joew) says:

Thanks, Alex!

It's the BEST use of time, I think.

McKenna Ray (heyitsmckenna) says:

Poor unfortunate swine looking dude.

Probably hasn't caught a break his whole life.

Sorry, this is Alex's sister. She referred me cause I like webcomics. Haha.

Great comic, Joe! Very bizarre and equally awesome. =]

Joe Ward (joew) says: Thanks, McKenna!
David Ward (sonofbuffins) says: I HAVE A GUESS
Joe Ward (joew) says: I BET IT'S CORRECT
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