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I'm a comics and features writer who has worked in comics and magazine publishing in the UK for over 20 years. I'm currently working as Managing Editor for a new publishing house (online and print) - more details soon.

Until October 2008 I was Managing Editor of ROK Comics, which enables comics creators to create or adapt their strips for mobile phones, which can be delivered worldwide through WAP subscription and single downloads -- potentially reaching a much bigger audience than that for web-based comics. Unfortunately the parent company has been hit hard by the credit crunch and is now a pale shadow of what it was.

I've written strips for various companies such as Marvel, Fleetway, Lucky Bag and commercial companies seeking to use comics as a promotional device. I've also edited various magazines including the official Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars Magazines.

My British comics news and features web site,, web site features news about British comics and a comics writing guide.