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Real Name: Colonel Wade Safford
Species: Lion
Age: 42
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Fire
Background: Received Cybernetic Implants During Military Service. Served Many Years As A Specialist In Super Powered Beings.
Government Record:
Retired Rank Of Colonel In Military. No Criminal Record.
Powers: Cybernetics Give Strength, Toughness, Stamina And Electrical Blasts And Powers. Can "Push" And Interact With Cybernetics Due To Latent Psychic Talent.

Leo is the appointed leader of the team. Chosen by the New Dawn corporation for his experience in fighting other paranormals and for his leadership skills earned in the military. His powers come from his Cybernetic implants but his tenacity and skill are what sets him above his peers.

Leo's personality is cynical. He became a cyborg through an assassination attempt in the military and it has left his mark. Leo has seen it all and is not too happy about it. His major concern now is the seemingly nonsensical choices made for Zodiac's team members and the reasons New Dawn has for doing so. Back to the Cast Page

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