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Real Name: Kyra Renette Salvator
Species: Red Fox
Age: 27
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Fire
Background: Practicing Medical Doctor For One Year Until She Quit Her Practice For Family Reasons. Has Been Training For Zodiac Since Then.
Governement Record: None
Powers: No Super Powers But Is An Unparalled Marksman And Competent Martial Artist. Excellent Strategist. Access To New Dawn Technology And Firearms.

The vixen called Sagittarius is one of the few on the team without any true super powers. She is very driven to prove herself and uses her incredible intellect, physical training and an array of gadgets and hardware to compete with the others.

Sagittarius' personality is usually quite reserved as she prefers to out think her enemies. However, under the surface she is a very emotional person that can be brought out by those that know how. Back to the Cast Page

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