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Real Name: Kelly Holbrook
Species: Bighorn Sheep
Age: 33
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Fire
Background: Powers Manifested In Adolescence.
Formerly Self-employed At Personally Owned Construction Service Company.
Government Record: Registered Mutant. No Criminal Record.
Powers: Enhanced Strength, Resistance To Harm, Immune To Physical Fatigue, Continues To Build Strength And Speed If Allowed To Continue In A Straight Line (Limits Of This Power Are Unknown).

Aries developed his powers in adolescence and they come from the mutant gene that gives so many paranormals their abilities. He is incredibly strong and resistant to all forms of damage but he is also a gifted athlete in his own right as he was heavily into many sports before his powers manifested.

Aries is probably the strongest member of the team but he is also probably the one with the largest heart. He is self-sacrificing, noble, caring and patriotic while at the same time being fairly humble. If he has a flaw, it is that he it too trusting. Back to the Cast Page

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