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Sporadic... sorry.

Real Name: Sonja Chen
Species: Mouse
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Water
Background: Former Professional Thief And Criminal With Ties to Several Organized Crime Syndicates
Government Record: Criminal Record For Theft In Several Countries
Powers: Teleportation Linked To Dimensional Travel And Other Offensive Powers Linked To A "Dark" Dimension. Skilled Fighter & Acrobat.

Scorpio has the distinction of being the only team member to have a past career as a super villain. She was a prominent thief for many Asian based crime syndicates. New Dawn aggressively recruited her and offered her asylum and their legal team erased her criminal record as long as she would work for them.

The woman known as Scorpio grew up poor in very mean streets and learned how to be tough to survive. She has never gotten anywhere by the easy way or the honest way and this shapes her opinions of life and other people. Part of her still longs for the freedom of being a villain. Back to the Cast Page

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