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Real Name: Janine Weiss
Species: Bovine
Age: 29
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Earth
Background: Former Red Dawn Personal Assistant For Past 5 Years.
Powers Acquired In Industrial Accident.
Governement Record: None
Powers: Vision Powers Including Telescopic, X-ray, & Nightvision, Exceptional Hearing, Super Strength And The Power Of Flight.

Taurus began her career for New Dawn Corporation as a corporate assistant to a vice president. She was a different woman then and suffice to say a lot less glamorous in appearance. After an industrial accident, she was not only smoking hot but was in possession of super powers. Now she is in a great position to renegotiate her contract.

Her new appearance has given Taurus the chance to do all the things she could never do before. Primary on the list is to just have as much fun as possible. She is not as ditzy as she acts, she is simply fed up with worrying about everything. Back to the Cast Page

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