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Sporadic... sorry.

Real Name: Unknown
Species: White Rabbit
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Air
Background: No File
Government Record: No File
Powers: No Detectable Powers Of Genetic, Technological, Psychic Or Mystical Nature. Seems To Possess Incredible Martial Talent And Training. Has Been Observed To Briefly Duplicate Self In Combat. This Ability's Power Origin Is Still Unknown.

Gemini is a man with many secrets. He aggressively crashed a tryout for the Gemini role in Zodiac and thrashed the competition. His audacity impressed the CEO's and he was accepted.
What is more interesting could be Gemini's goals for joining the team. There seems to be only one and that is to confront the Zodiac agent known as Sagittarius whom he seems to know very well. Back to the Cast Page

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