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Real Name: James Mccoy
Species: Canine (Golden Retriever)
Age: 20
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Air
Background: Powers Result From Recent Exposure To Meteorite. Formerly Working As A Graphic Artist.
Government Record: Registered Paranormal.
Powers: Variable. Libra Can Acquire Any Power Or Combination Of Powers He Can Imagine. He Is Limited Only By His Imagination, Ability To Maintain Concentration And His Personal Power Reserves.

Libra stumbled upon the life of a super when a meteor landed in his apartment. Now he suddenly had any super power he wanted and thought life would be great but as it turned out, it was not. The government would not let him do anything with his powers except work for them as a super.

Any power or combination of powers is at his disposal but all of them require him to imagine† how the power could work, concentrate on the power to maintain it and then it taxes him physically to keep it going. Everything in balance. Back to the Cast Page

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