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Real Name: Luna Barbarrette Fablieux
Species: Horse
Age: 22
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Earth
Background: Mutant Powers Manifested In Adolescence. Comes From A Family Of Great Commercial Wealth And Nobility.
Government Record: Registered Mutant. No Criminal Record.
Powers: Various Powers Based On Light. Energy Rays, Force Fields, Blinding Attacks, Flight And Some "Solid Light" Powers Based On Force Field Manipulation.

Virgo's powers come from genetics; she is mutant like Aries and Scorpio with the ability to generate powerful blasts of light to destroy or protect.

What is most unusual about Virgo is her background. She comes from a very wealthy family with ties to royalty and could have lived a life of excess and pleasure but chose to devote herself to religion and making the world a better place. Back to the Cast Page

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