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Real Name: Gabriel Andrews Hain
Species: Bengal Tiger
Age: 13
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Water
Background: Employee And Inventor For New Dawn Corp. For The Last 2 Years.
Government Record: No Criminal Record.
Powers: No Super Powers But Possesses Natural Technical Genius And Inventiveness. The "Crab-bot" Has High Level Resilience, Strength And Firepower. Cancer Is Not Allowed To Pilot The Robot Except Remotely Due To His Age And Many National And Company Laws.

The boy known as Cancer is in many ways vital to the team Zodiac. In his armor, he is a major source of firepower, strength and toughness to the group and outside of combat he is responsible for the equipment and technology that makes the team possible.

All of this would be great except that Cancer has the ego one would expect for a 13 year old male genius who has been running his own life for some time now. The only one that seems to be able to keep him in check is his grandmother who happens to be one of the New Dawn executives as well. Back to the Cast Page

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