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Real Name: Rebecca Adams
Species: Goat
Age: 18
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Earth
Background: Changed By Birth Parents Through A Sorcerous Ritual At Age Of Four. Adopted Three Years Ago By Foster Parents.
Government Record: Registered Paranormal. No Criminal Record.
Powers: Supernatural Powers Allow Transformation Into A Demon With Flight, Immunity Or Resistance To Most Energy Types, Strength, Fire Breath And Possibly More That Are As Of Yet Undiscovered.

Little is known of Capricorn's early childhood up to the point she acquired her powers. The only information comes from the police reports that found a very young child lying near her dead parents who were apparently in the middle of some occult ritual. Since then, Capricorn has had the ability to transform into a winged fire-breathing demon. Sometimes the change is involuntary and she has been bounced from one foster parent to another; Some good, some bad.

Currently, Capricorn seems stable. Her adoptive parents are loving and understanding and she has at least a decent amount of control over her transformations. However she remains an incredibly shy and naive young woman that wants to be accepted but feels that she should not be due tot he evil that lurks within her. Back to the Cast Page

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