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Real Name: Unknown
Species: Wolf
Age: 37
Affiliation: Zodiac
Team Sector: Air
Background: Former Corporate Super In Omega City For Several Years As "Tempest". New Dawn Negotiated New Contract. Official Shaman Of Family And Extended Tribe.
Government Record: Registered Super With No Criminal Record
Powers: Supernatural Control Over Air And Water As Well As Various Magical Effects From Family Shamanistic Tradition.

Aquarius is the descendent of a long line of mystics who used their powers over water and air to help their people survive in the desert and defeat their enemies. In this modern age, she was "Tempest" as very successful super working directly for a major city. What the New Dawn corporation offered her to leave that job and the name of "Tempest" to become "Aquarius" must have been significant indeed.

Aquarius has lots of experience not only in just being a superhero but working all the political and public angles that come with it. To this effect she is a good mentor and teacher and leads by example rather than direct instruction. Because she is also the second oldest, she tends to fill kind of a matronly role in the group. Back to the Cast Page

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