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Name: Morris A. Arbuckle
Species: Tabby (Domestic Feline)
Age: 30
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: New Dawn Employee
Base of Operations: Alpha City One
Background: Morris has been a minor executive in charge of personnel for the last two years. He was recently "promoted" to be the lead resource contact for the Zodiac Team and the personal assistant to the team leader Leo.
Government Record: No criminal record.
Powers: Morris possesses no super abilities. He has the same strength and agility of a person his age and size who engages in little to no physical exercise.

Morris would have loved to continue his career from the comforting gray walls of his cubicle, crunching numbers and filing paperwork but fate had other plans for him. In one of the company's trademark strange moves, he was promoted to head of resources for the new super team of Zodiac. Now he lives in constant fear of the inevitable excitement that comes with the job.

Some would find Morris' job a fantastic adventure but not he. Morris knows that a super's life is full of danger that extends to those around them. His only method of dealing with the stress of what he feels is impending doom is the occasional awful pun he slips in around his new boss Leo. Back to the Cast Page

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