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Name: Imani Safford
Species: Lion
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mobile
Background: Imani is the daughter of Zodiac team leader Leo. She grew up with him and her mother on a variety of military bases throughout the world. She currently has no permanent address and makes a living as a journalist and writer... barely.
Government Record: No criminal record.
Powers: No super powers. Imani is very adaptable and a survivor. She speaks many languages and has picked up numerous skills on her travels and from her father and other military personnel.

This nomadic young lady has lived in some of the most hostile areas of the world and remembers her time spent there fondly. Her youth spent with her father in the military has given her a love for travel and a universal view of culture that allows her to fit in wherever she goes.

Leo's daughter has always been a source of some stress for him. He loves her deeply but her desire for adventure and trying new things has gotten her into trouble many times. Imani's luck and charm usually pull her through but the stress is the same. Eventually, Leo just had to accept the type of person she was and let her be. Back to the Cast Page

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