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 Haunted is on hold for a few weeks so I can build my catalog back up. But that doesn't mean there won't be updates. Come back each Monday for some behind the scenes bonus material.

The following are my original design sketches for the mansion.

I really like the design on this gate but I forgot to include some of the detail when I drew it in the actual comic. I may go back and fix it someday but I'm not holding my breath.


When I was originally doing research online for mansion ideas I came across The Breakers in Newport Rhode Island. It turns out there is a whole community of mansions in Newport. I printed out dozens of pictures taking elements I liked from each. But The Breakers is the main inspiration for my design.

This past June I actually got a chance to tour a number of the mansions. I took a ton of photos. The only drawback was the didn't allow photos inside the mansions. That would have been pretty handy for my interior designs. But I'm pretty thrilled I actually got to tour them and take pictures outside.

The following pictures are all of The Breakers.





Beth Sketches / Designs

This is Beth. You can see the back of her on page 10. (The first page of the school scene. She's in the 2nd panel.) Her design came fairly quickly. The short black hair. In several of these she looks too old but it wasn't a big deal. These are just sketches trying to get the idea and feel of the character.

I think this is the only sketch I drew her with glasses.



I ditched the earrings too. It makes her look too old.



I like that sketch with the bangs and choppy hair but it doesn't seem like a style a 12 year old would have. Not to mention she doesn't look 12 there.



These are some random secondary characters that appear in various parts of the story.  



 The design for Jack came pretty quickly but I also find him easiest to draw off model.



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