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Hello! My name is Jerald Dorado, a Filipino comic book creator, writer, and artist.

I started doing comics back when I was in high school and I got to publish my first book when I was nineteen, back in 2000. (Go figure my age!)  The comics that I have made so far are mostly my original creations. Those include cartoons that were published in different books and magazines, and a comic strip, serialized in a major newspaper in the Philippines. 

Aside from the funnies, I also created and drawn a wide range of varieties of comics genres for different sets of audiences. One of those stories got me a major prize in “The 2nd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards”, which was sponsored by Fully Booked  and Neil Gaiman

Currently, I work as a penciller for Interactive Arts Services, Manila Studio, drawing storyboards, animatics, and other illustrations for the leading advertising agencies worldwide. 

I am also a huge music fan, as much as I am a fan of other artists from then and now, local and international.

Thank you so much for visiting my site.

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Visit my Official Site and Blog, or email me at komiksman@i.ph.

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