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Jamie Robertson has been doing his main webcomic, Clan of the Cats for over six years now. The comic is an urban fantasy about a witch, Chelsea Chattan, who is also afflicted by an ancient family curse. In times of stress she transforms into a black panther. This, coupled by her increasing magical power, makes having an ordinary life rather challenging. The stories deal with supernatural themes mainly, but also creep into the realm of normal everyday life. The present storyline includes a duel with the one and only Count Dracula.

Jamie was born about the same time The Beatles came to America, but didn't get into art until JAWS was a firm blockbuster. Other webcomic ventures include SEBO, Melpomene, (a spin-off to COTC, authored by Jamie and illustrated by Clint Hollingsworth of The Wandering Ones) and Mythos and Magick with Dani Atkinson.