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The flagship comic, COTC tells the story of Chelsea Chattan is a neophyte shapeshifting witch who is thrust into the hidden world of magic, vampires, werewolves, and sarcastic cats.

COTC is a Keenspot comic

Mythos and Magick
is an anthology series exploring other regions of the Clan of the Cats universe. Sebastian of COTC, is your host to an eclectic collection of tales and yarns from the Netherworld and beyond.

Art by
Dani Atkinson

The Chaos Orb

On her own in this weekly serial, Corrine Melpomene Chattan must save her sister and the world for dark forces and betrayal.

Art by

Melpomene is a Keenspot comic.

is a B&W, joke-a-day format strip set ten years after the current COTC storyline, (whatever that storyline may be). ;)
The main concept of the strip is thus: Sebo is given the task of looking after the Chelsea's young witch-daughter, Charlotte.

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