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I haven't made that many comics, and I'm not that serious about it either. This is just something that i do for fun, when I have some time to spare. It is just another hobby, next to music, old cars an art. The first comic I eber made was a short improvised story about a stickman with a machine gun, based on an old video game. A piece of rubbish. Later that year, me and a friend had fun with one panel gags. But for some reason, we grew tired of making comics. 

When I turned 16, I adopted a strange fascination for manga and anime. That got me started with comics again. For a year or two, my comics was usually starring people with big shiny eyes. The main inspiration source was Akira Toriyama. The main characters were usually supernatural creatures. Usually a small vampire and his cat, who transformed into a monster every time he saw a cross. I tried the more usual (at least where I live) strip format to (this was not inspired by any japanese comics). The main characters was the depressive Reaper, Jesus the spoilt rich guy, and the annoying satan. The "story" took place in ordinary days in their lives. 

That's my bio. None of this stuff were ever published anywhere, but I did not care. This was done just for fun. My current comics are not serious either. I usually sketch them, improvising the story as I draw, in a boring class at school or something. I know that they are not well drawn. And I know that the stories ain't that good either. But then again, this is somthing i just do for fun. I am an art student, so I spend so much time thinking, reflecting and trying to make the little details work just right. So it is nice to just do something without thinking too much sometimes. I've got material to 6 or 7 other "Spam TV" stories, and plan to make more in the future. But that will have to wait. I've been drawing some stories for another comic. For those who want to know, it is loosely based on lucide dreaming. The stories take place in a surrealistic dreamlike world where everything can happen. The main characters are a catgirl, a sea captain, and Veimar Strudelhoff (from Spam TV's "My video diary"). Also coming up: "Sort of true stories from my life" and "Veimar gets a new friend".

Sorry about any type-o's. My english skills are questionable at best.

Everyone is inspired by someone. Here's a few people, and things that inspires me: Jason, Gary Larson, Monty Python, Akira Toriyama, Star Wars, David Firth, video games, music (in general), Hayao Miyazaki, Johan Wanloo, Ken Akamatsu, Roy Lichtenstein, Louis Trondheim, KLM, religion (by the way, I'm not religious), Frode Øverli, Takashi Murakami, Little Britain, bad TV shows, and alot of thing I don't remember right now.

And dreams. My number one inspiration source. I dream many strange things. The other night, I dreamt that i was running around in a schoolboy outfit in a subwaystation in Oslo. A place I have vague memories of walking through while i was in the Norwegian version of "kindergarden". But this subway station does not exist. At least not in Norway. And while I was running through it, I lost a piece of my jaw. So I spent the rest of the dream looking for it. And other things that appear is places that do not exist in real life, but when I dream I visit them fom time to time. Like the mind is slipping into another world. I know that I sound like an idiot but to me, this is very real. "Dream-real" if I should give it a name.

But anyway, enough with that.