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Student Union Champions

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Hey gang. If you're just tuning in, this is Student Union Champions, a comic about the the A-V life, haulin' speakers and CD players for ungratful, over-privledged frat boys. It's not all bad, in fact it's pretty freakin' easy. Read and enjoy.
However, if you are coming here from the original Comic Genesis site, you know the deal. Comic Gensis, though revolutionary in it's own right, is having... shall we say, a hiccup, and it's not currently updating. I was urged by some fellow Geners to create a "mirror", basicly a site that copies another site in case of emergency.It's been a good few days since the dreaded night some hackers tried to bamboozle the CG servers, crashing the whole ship in the process, and I'm, like, 5 comics behind schedual. So, for the brand new edition of Student Union Champions, you can look no further then right here at Web Comics Nations. I will be updating here along side the CG site, which you can visit at
I have to say, I really like WCN. It's sign-up process is sooooo much simpler than CG's, and it's uploader is easy and smooth as well. However, it doesn't offer the, let's say, independence of a CG site, but you give a little, you get a little. I'm happy. Enjoy!
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Student Union Champions is copyright of Edward Julesville 2008. Student Union Champions is also hosted on Comic Genesis at
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