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Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: VileTerror says: This isn't funny at all. I want my money back!!!
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: Sylvan Migdal says: Oh, but you're too chicken to let us hear the Doctor Shark theme song?
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: April says: Please tell me that I'm not the only person in the world that wants to sing "Doctor Shark" to the tune of "Doctor Worm" by TMBG. ... I'm not a real doctor but I am a real shark, I am an actual shark...
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: The Judge says: I'm glad you made Dr. Shark smile. I feel so much safer that way.
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: VileTerror says: Now that I have my money back, and then some, I recind my earlier statement about the lack of humour contained in these pages and fully support, endorse, and/or condone these actions.
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: csensis says: Doctor Shark spin-off
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: xmung says: dunno - this one seems funnier to me! :D
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: Makkabee says: This ending's good, but the one you went with is better.
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: Salminen says: Wonderella : 0 Gandalf : 1
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: Kiz says: Yeah, I liked them eating regurgitated elephant bits better. This is too straight-forward.
Justin Pierce (justinpie) says: Karasoth says: Regurgitation FTW
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