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I'm a twenty-year-old freelance artist who lives in North Carolina, USA. I was born in South Africa, moved to Australia when I was five, and lived there for thirteen years until coming down here to the United States of America, three years ago.

More commission information can be found here: http://kaiverta.deviantart.com/journal/

I do everything from anime-chibi characters to real-life portraits from photo references, and at very reasonable prices.

I wouldn't really say that my art has any influences in particular, except that I've sort of blended my own personal style with many, MANY others (without realizing it O o ) to give it the unique, atypical anime/manga flavor it has.

I wouldn't say Tetsuya Nomura is an influence either, but I love his stuff and people have said that my art is like his, so maybe I've been influence by him on a subconscious level? ^^; I do LOVE Final Fantasy and his character designs, soo... yes.

But anyway! I look forward to meeting new customers and friends here in the Webcomics Nation. :D







The year twenty-twenty-seven (2027). Technology is at a stand still, but human nature itself has shifted. An elite race of human has evolved, resistant to everything its predecessor is not. It's faster, stronger, more durable, stealthier, and all without the training this story's hero received.

In a place where the cold weather never seems to cease, a male youth is held against his will for his natural abilities. He plans to escape when things turn shady, dangerous, but where to? A life of captivity is the only one he's ever known.

How can he be sure the world outside is any different? He can't, but he's willing to take a chance. It's the unknown world, or 'them'... and he's made his decision.

Reads from left-to-right!

Contains Martial-arts-esque violence, adult content, blood spillage.
STYLE: Manga.
Action, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, romance, some comedy (hopefully).
Updated Thursdays.