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Welcome to the premiere strip of the brand spanking new webcomic Baby Train!! The story of an average newly married couple who suddenly finds themselves on the baby train, and they soon find out that pregnancy is not quite all that it seems.


Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says:

Wasn't that an old poem?  "Monday's child is full of woe, Tuesday's child has FAR To go ..."

Karen & Bill Drastal (karetoons) says: OOh be careful with that pun, its got a bum leg.
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: Y'know what ... it's embarrassing to watch Boomerang and think, "I used to enjoy this??"  Someone please erase Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles from my brain cells?
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: Remember, "Hurly to bed, and hurly to rise ..."
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: in my experience, once the kid came, i wanted to drink all the time...  wait, that could have been caused by the marriage, not the kid...  close call...
Ed Gedeon (eddurd) says: Congratulations!  Congratulations!  and more!  Woohoo!
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: i hated this part of being pregnant...  thankfully, soon after, the roaring sex drive kicked in and this was all in the past!
Natalie Williams (natbug37) says: Hey... i distinctly remember falling asleep before mommy did!
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: i always hated that phrase... "we're" pregnant...  yeah right...  he could still see his toes after 5 months...  he could put his own socks on after 8 months...  he wasn't the one trying to push out a watermelon...
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: at least you didn't breast feed an apple...
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: just letting you know, i've been passing around the comic.  my "sister" is about a 6 weeks along and running across many of the same things...  Baby Train is the best!
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: I say throw the little buggers in a hamster ball until they're 18.  It just gets worse after age 5...  That's when they realize that they can climb to the top of the jungle gym and jump off...
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: after andy was born, the docs asked me if i wanted to keep my placenta.  one of the nurses offered me some recipes and ideas for using it...  i was so grossed out i almost yarfed.
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: it's that y chromosome that's so selflessly donated that allows future daddies to talk like this... 
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: makes me wonder if there will also be cheeto's and mountain dew...
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: everyone could use a good pair of thumb warmers... you never know when your thumbs need to warm up, especially during those long sessions on the 360.
Bridgett Spicer (brigtoon) says: I have this problem... um, not being pregnant... which I suppose isn't a problem exacty, um.... but not being able to stop cleaning. I find it hard to relax when I see cat hair on the rug! sigh.
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: ahh...  the dirt of men that women can usually ignore under normal circumstances.
Johnny Burgess (jonnykwest) says: I was really hoping you would stay preggers in this strip for at least two years....its become part of my ritual at work :)
Liz Graham (paganlizard) says: ooh!!!  i want a copy!  but it must be signed because karen signed the good times book she sent me.
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