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Yeah, this is really what's going on right now.

After getting on me about the importance of continuing my education for ages--I was going part-time at VCU a year after my era of failure at Radford, and took a semester off after that, and was considering just dropping it entirely--my mother finally had me thinking about it seriously.

So I stick with this job I'm really starting to dislike (because "it's a good job for school--it's flexible...that's why I'm sticking with mine, too") and I get my stuff together and I put in all this time and money getting my ducks in a row, getting the perfect schedule, not to mention all the stress and screaming from my mom over completing this thing or that. All the while she goes from wanting to go part-time with me to maybe not, thne community college, then back to VCU again, and then all of a sudden last week she's applying at a day care center and putting in her two weeks at her old job.

Which leaves me, pardon my french, up shit creek. After she'd spent all that time convincing me *not* to live on campus--I pulled off the waiting list for housing a month ago, and even if I could get back on, I'm not sure I could afford it (considering I'd still have to find a new job and all that).

I still have a few options left to explore, but right now I'm really freaking stressed out about the whole deal.

...oh, and my mom doesn't look quite like that. The hair's different.


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