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'Whipped Cream and Innuendo' with K8 and Kate. Should I really say more?

Yeah, this really happened at work the other day. Perhaps it is only funny in the 'you had to be there' sort of way. I do not know. I am biased, because I was in fact there. IS THIS HUMOR?

Fun Fact One: K8's hair isn't blonde-blonde. It's darker--closer to my shade. But it *was* blonde just before I started putting her in the comic, and I decided to keep it that way so it's easier to distinguish between the two of us.

Fun Fact Two: I think I spent almost as much time fussing with the layout on this than I did actually *drawing* the damned thing.

Fun Fact Three: I'm going to freakin' bed.


I am leaving this comic up for Tuesday because I'd rather not have some crappy filler up for visitors who come here via the Webcomic Telethon. What's the Webcomic Telethon, you ask? Click the link and find out!

If you'd like to skip directly to my entry, click here, but I strongly encourage you all to check out everything. And donate. Do what you can.

New comic Thursday.

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