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Entrails! woo!

Anything you don't understand about this page (doodled entirely in my Political Theory class) can be clarified by the following: the anti-rape condom, and Socrates.


Anyway, the reason why this is late is because I was up late preparing for SMALL PRESS EXPO. We don't, like, have a table or anything, but K8 and I are totally gonna be rocking out. I wanted to go, and my only source of transpo couldn't do it, so I was all bummed and I told her about the event and she's like 'DUDE. Road trip!' So we're going tonight... we won't be there very long at all, because we'll be leaving from VCU at like 3 (after K8's class), which means we're not there til like 5 or 6, and it ends for the day at 8, but... hell. WE'LL BE THERE.

Best place to find me is in the Versailles Ballroom, geekin' the hell out. I'll have a bunch of index cards on hand, for, like... sketches, and things, on the off chance that anyone might want one, or something. @_@ I also have a big honkin' sketchbook for people to draw in, because I believe it ish a shmart thing to haff. yees.

Hey, it's like 7:30 in the morning as I'm writing this. Gimme a break.

Ridiculously awesome-rad (awesinine?) con stuff will be coming up in the days to follow. I dunno how much awesome you can fit in the span of two to three hours, BUT I INTEND TO FIND OUT.

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