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My life as a sitcom.

So there's this manager of mine who just recently came back from an insanely long injury leave. To get a better idea... she's got this whole aura of 'high school vice principal'. You know. Whole 'authority' thing, definitely not very loose, but not quite a cast-iron bitch, either. Kinda... kinda stuffy.

So this morning she's like, "so, is K8 your girlfriend? did you help get her this job?" and I'm like "uhmm.. no, I actually met her here, but we went to the same high school.." and she's like "oh, she's younger than you?" and I'm like "yeah, she just turned 18" and she walks off and I'm like "wait a minute--did she mean 'hang-out' girlfriend or 'make-out' girlfriend?"

"...oh. my. GOD."

This happened around 8:30. I couldn't get a break (and thus get on the phone) until about noon. I felt like I was going to explode.

I think I'm gonna see how long we can go without setting her straight (pun totally intended). This is amusing as all hell.

SPX was totally rad. I should have comics related to that posted later in the week. Maybe Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. We'll see.

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