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These people are not real.

Today, I play in part to one of the niche-est niche audiences ever. The characters you see here appear as 'fanservice' to exactly four other people. That's pretty hardcore right there.

To the rest of you: meet 'Null' and Jane. This is the late late nineties, and they are in high school. You may see at least one of them again in other works. Jane isn't any sort of Plato fangirl. She's simply frustrated because she studied really hard and knows that Null's slack-ass efforts will still earn her a better grade. And they do.

Hey, it was either this or Crito Puppet Theatre.

Between work and school, I will not have another day off until a week from Friday at the earliest (including a lovely four-day streak over the weekend). Then I go up to Tech on Saturday to see my idiot brother. In between this I have a fairly difficult project to work on for my Java class. (Not to mention I've been studying all this evening for a test in my Political Theory class and I'll bet you will never guess what it's on.)

You know why I'm telling you this. You know. Next actual comic, swear to God, will be that SPX thing I've been working on. I may just post what I've drawn (which is everything up to *actually arriving there*) and leave the rest to text. In the interim, I may post some pics of sexy vampires and/or trashy zombie gals. It's Rocktober, and we like our cheesecake slightly moldy this time of year.

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