So Good it Hurts

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Sadly, it appears that there are quite a few folks that are well and truly affected by the graphics of this game.  One person said, "Why not just turn the settings down."  To which I will reply thusly, "If coffee makes me sick, taking the cream out wont help."



A few friends asked, "Well, why not play TF2 more often then?"  Answer: My schedule, even while unemployed, doesn't allow for as much gaming as I would like.  Though I will return to the servers someday to wreak noobie havoc on unsuspecting teams. ;)
Due to unforseen circumstances, this strip is a few days late.  My apologies.
10/28/09: Sorry guys.  Will begin updating normally next week :)
Michael Patrick (michaeljpatrick) says: I am so glad that you are doing a comic!
Ali B. (zehnyu) says:

This is fantastic Kare. I can't wait to see more :).

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