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Kep! (as he is known to both friends and foes alike) is a Writer, Letterer, Sophist and Brewer of Fine Coffees.


He has written for Image Comics, Image's Shadowline imprint (and was honored to be the inaugural writer of the latest ShadowHawk series!), numerous smaller publishers (including the critically lauded GENIE from FC9 and the star-maker of the comic-world DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS) and has been the verbose force behind several web comics (including the universally loved TED NOODLEMAN, BICYCLE DELIVERY BOY collected and published by ALIAS).


As a letterer and logo designer he has worked for anyone and everyone who needed him, unashamed to cash paychecks. Currently calling Dark Horse his primary home, he is working on several titles including ARCHENEMIES, OCTOPUS GIRL, and TRANSLUCENT.


Currently, Kep! is developing two series with separate publishers to debut in 2007 as well as a new webcomic to debut as soon as the artist has 10 episodes in the can (hint, bloody hint if you are reading this!).

In his scant 37ish years on this planet he has worked professionally as an advertising copyrighter / designer, translator of Arabic and Chinese, soda jerk (often considered the most appropriate position he's held), a television meteorologist, a special operations Staff Sergent (USAF), an inside sales director for an Internet design firm and again as a graphic designer and branding specialist for an Internet advertising agency, and a magician (including many stage shows, restaurants, birthday parties and public rest rooms). When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Kep! denies the existence of adulthood and walks away.

So many jobs have added up to an awful lot of moves spanning 30 states and four continents. He's lived so many places does it even matter what they were? Currently, he is on move 39 and is trying to fend off 40 with all his might, but how long can our fair hero last?

Kep! lives in New England with his wife, two of four children, a cat and several imaginary friends who keep beating him at chess.
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