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Tuesday and Thursday


Unkle 800-lb Gorilla
"The world shall feel the unrelenting wrath of the most powerful military in the world. Nothing shall deter the march of freedom. We have come to liberate you! Stop fighting your freedom! Or else!" ... more
Dr. Gabbels
"As we look down the long road of the future, it is clear that America must lead the way as the pre-eminent military, financial and cultural force in the world. Indeed, leadership is the burden of our Empire." ... more
Yakkety Jack
"Don't fool yourselves, America. You cry for an end to partisan bickering, but when you see the real thing, you scream for blood. We got buckets, baby! Let's play Spitball!" ... more
Supporting Cast: Bling-Bling Dr. Mentorr




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Kevin Moore is the creator of Wanderlost, formerly known as Sheldon the Pig. A veteran of zines, underground comics and political cartoons, Kevin has been doing webcomics since 1999. He is also a librarian. ... full profile