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Tuesday and Thursday
CNN has spent all of Labor Day wondering whether the news that Sarah Palin's 17-yr-old daughter's pregnancy is a "political bombshell" or "a family matter that is nobody's business," to borrow the delicate phrasing of Larry King.

There is a third option. To quote Bill Murray in Meatballs, "It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!" Repeat until drunk.

Here are aspects of John McCain's selection of Palin as his Vice President that actually matter: Palin is a Creationist; doesn't believe that global warming is caused by humans; doesn't think the oil industry should be inhibited by potential polar bear extinction; is against abortion even in cases of rape or incest; and has the foreign policy experience of a dog catcher.

Sorry for the lack of new material last week. Every last week of August I hit a weird funk that makes it difficult for me to do any cartooning. Instead, I sat around watching the Democratic National Convention. Had I done a cartoon relevant to that event, it probably would have portrayed me giving Wolf Blitzer the middle finger. Was anyone really that shocked that the vast majority of Hillary Clinton supporters united around Barack Obama as the party's nominee? If there were any hold outs by the end of last Thursday, Friday morning's news regarding Sarah Palin probably drew them into the fold.

Or pushed them into the Cynthia McKinney camp. Hey, good luck with that.

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