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Tuesday and Thursday

My apologies for the late post. This should have appeared on Tuesday, but my wife and I have been preparing for a quick flight to Texas to attend the funeral of her father, who died last week. We're flying all day tomorrow and the service is on Thursday. So unfortunately today's cartoon is the only one this week. Next week I'll be back on track for the regular Tuesday - Thursday schedule.

About this cartoon: it does what I call "double duty" - takes on two subjects and satirizes them. You could also call it "killing two birds with one stone." I think it works best when the subjects are related, such as here, the media's sexist obsession with a blond celebrity's weight and their congenital fixation with the trivial. Admittedly, I have seen only a few stories on CNN concerning Jessica Simpson, but I put CNN in the role of representing mainstream media (or, if you must, the MSM), giving me the opportunity to mock their particular ways of covering every possible angle of a story, no matter how important or inane.

Also, this may be the second cartoon in a row in which a few of my regular readers will be confused. "Who the hell is Jessica Simpson? Why should I care? etc." Shorter biography: mediocre pop artist and sex symbol, starred as Daisy Duke in the much-panned Dukes of Hazzard movie a few years ago. Apparently she has taken on some weight, a phenomenon that happens to most folks who live past the age of 25. But does that stop Hollywood, the celebrity press and blogosphere from mocking her for it? Of course not. Remember, no matter how much personal growth you may have made over the years, the corporate media is still in the third grade. I have no problem with mocking her dimwitted behavior, but draw the line at fat shaming. That just has the effect of hate speech, shaming fat women (and men, too) everywhere.

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Ron Fox (ronwf) says:

OTOH, numerous cartoonists have used a chimpanzee to depict Pres. Bush for some time, so it's not like this is something newly introduced.

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