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Tuesday and Thursday
Because this is the day - the ONLY day - to express love. So get it over with.

One thing (among many) that I hate about Valentine's Day is the way marketers use sexist stereotypes of men and women to hawk their wares. A case in point: last night I saw a Russell Stover's ad featuring three or four different straight guys attest that if they didn't come home with a box of Russell Stover's chocolates on V-Day, their wives would kick them to the couch or perform some other symbolic castration.

That is typical of ads I have heard for the past two weeks: men are neanderthals clueless about the women in their lives, and women are infantile, materialistic shrews. Of course a man isn't in touch with his wife's/girlfriend's/partner's emotions, because if he was, he wouldn't be man!

I'm not saying I am the perfect husband who always knows what to get my wife for her birthday, xmas, whatever. She doesn't always know, either. So we perform this strange ritual of divination: we ask.

Crazy talk!

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