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Tuesday and Thursday
The Democratic candidates are in a universe of their own...far, far away.

The enjoyable part of this cartoon for me was using Blambot fonts to get that American superhero comic book feel, and laying out the lettering in Adobe Illustrator. For those interested, the fonts were Zudjuice for the main text, and Badaboom for the "Foom". I really like the "Foom."

Another technical note: If you notice that the line quality is thicker than usual, it's because I used a pen brush instead of the usual fountain pen. For some strange reason, the ink started to bleed on the page, wrecking the line, so I switched to the pen brush to minimize the damage. Then, just as inexplicably, the problem went away. So I used the fountain pen for finer line work. Anyhoo, I like how it turned out.

Lastly, I have a new blog home at wordpress called "mooreroom" that you can find at my new URL They both lead to the same place for now. Eventually I'll be moving the In Contempt archives and the Wanderlost site over to that domain in an effort to consolidate my stuff. I will keep posting new strips to Webcomics Nation and installments of Wanderlost at Modern Tales, however.

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