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Tuesday and Thursday
New ways gender enters presidential politics.

I have nothing to add to the basic message of this cartoon. I think it's pretty obvious. Instead, I'll comment on the artwork. I really like the doofus in the first panel. Lately I have been in the mood to draw people as goofy as possible, looking less human and more abstractly absurd. I think people might be getting on my nerves.

As for Hillary Clinton, it is now hard for me to imagine this contest without her. I am definitely not in the "dream ticket" camp, but Conventional Wisdom seems to be pushing for an Obama-Clinton candidacy. Maybe it's just the mainstream news media attempting to perpetuate the celebritification of politics (sure, it's a word — I just coined it!), because political journalists and pundits seem incapable of discussing issues without casting them in terms of horse race coverage or through the prism of politicians' personalities. An Obama-Clinton ticket would fuel endless stories about which one of them is really leading the campaign, how much Bill is involved, and "who's wearing the pants?" questions that will set my teeth on edge.

So, yeah, let's go for it.

Also, if you missed last Thursday's cartoon, it's because I didn't post it at WCN until just now. I have been having trouble posting to WCN lately, mostly because I can't seem to connect to the database from home. However, if it's Tuesday or Thursday, and you can't find the new toon here, check out the In Contempt homepage. It is probably there.

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