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Tuesday and Thursday
The Obamas love the New Yorker!
Sorry for the late post. The heat just kills me.

I saw the New Yorker cover. I got the joke. I laughed. Does that make me an elitist? A racist?

According to some critics I have read on the InterWebz and heard on the radio, apparently it does.

The funny thing is that many critics of the cover fear that "the masses" will not get the joke, have not been paying attention to the constant smears against the Obamas, and will take the cartoon only at face value. They might even believe that the cartoon is true.

Now who's elitist?

I come from poor, from working class, from the blue collar, and from the white trash. I live among them still. I also know the rich, the white collar, the managerial class (really just the working class with better benefits), and the liberal elites. The latter are too fearful of the ignorance of the former, too readily assume that the lower classes don't have a sense of humor, a sophisticated appreciation of the ironic, as if life somehow doesn't slam them every day with ironies. Give David Remnick credit for assuming intelligence in his audience. He has showed far more faith than his critics.

As for Obama, that opportunist fucker got the joke. But if he says he got the joke, then he looks like the liberal elitist New Yorker reader he doesn't want anyone to think he is. He's too busy trying to make up for that "bitter" comment people so ridiculously misconstrued a couple months ago. He's all about God and guns now, baby.

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