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Tuesday and Thursday
Romney returns from his mission to kill Huckabee

How long ago was Part One? February 7, 2008. It's not my intention to have the parts of series separated by months, but weird things happened. I came down with carpal tunnel syndrome, so I had to stop cartooning for a few weeks just to let my wrist and hand rest. Then the political primary season changed significantly, including Romney's drop out. And, frankly, more pressing and interesting issues arose.

I returned to this second part not only to simply finish what I had started, but also to respond to all the speculation that McCain will choose Romney as his Vice President. There are a lot of conservatives out there who consider Romney the strongest choice to pair with McCain, who still can't convince some conservatives that he's genuinely on their side. How Romney - who will eat a plate of dog shit if told it would make him look more conservative - comes off as gen-u-wine, I have no idea. And some conservatives — Mormon-phobic evangelicals and anti-health care plan libertarians, especially — are not impressed.

I say go for it, John. I would love to see Independents run screaming toward Obama once they got a whiff of Romney's aftershave.

Last Fall I did another Messing With Romney strip that kinda started the whole running gag and introduced his political consultants. I might keep those guys around. They amuse me.

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