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Tuesday and Thursday
It's group therapy time!

In Part One, Unkle 800-lb Gorilla visits Dr. Mungo to help him with is crisis in confidence as a global warmonger. In Part Two, Bling-Bling the Globalizing Gorilla seeks Mungo's help in resolving his world-wide financial crisis. And now, family counseling.

When I first thought of this idea, Russia had not yet attacked Georgia, but the current hostilities seemed right in line with these cartoony meditations on imperialism. Does anyone know if Georgia has a McDonald's? If so, Russia may have just proved Thomas Friedman wrong.

Whup! Just did some googling. Emmanuel has beat me to this observation by 6 days. (Man, I'm slow.) And, yes, Georgia has a McDonald's. So much for the Golden Arches Theory.

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