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Tuesday and Thursday
Response to Katy Perry and Prop 8.
This cartoon combines two things I hate — homophobic ballot initiatives and that lame pop song that shares the same name as Jill Sobule's much better ditty on (roughly) the same subject.

Many thanks to my friends Erin and Melissa for allowing me to use their likenesses (and that of their beautiful daughters) for this cartoon. I hope I did you justice, in my cartoony way.

They did indeed get married, as did many of my gay and lesbian friends. Then the gay-panicked fuckers in Oregon passed a constitutional amendment banning it. I hope California doesn't make the same mistake. I swear, these laws make want to vomit. It's like Civil Rights never happened. It's like anti-miscegenation laws are still on the books (and many were until only relatively recently.) We have got to grow up, people.

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